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Wayne Malleau

240325166 - shallow orchid pot

240325166 - shallow orchid pot

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shallow orchid pot / hochoutai yori habaitai hachi (放長体より幅体鉢)

Outside Dimensions
Depth ≒ 12.5 cm
Height ≒ 9.5 cm

Inside Dimensions
Depth ≒ 10.5 cm
Height ≒ 7.5 cm

Clay: Stoneware

A shallow orchid pot is a specialized container designed to meet the unique needs of certain types of orchids, particularly those with shallow root systems or those that prefer a wider planting area.  These pots are typically broader than they are deep, providing a wide surface area for orchid plants to spread out their roots horizontally. The shallow depth of the pot is ideal for orchids that do not require a deep planting medium and prefer a more extensive root system near the surface.

The wide, shallow design allows for ample room for the development of a broad root system, enabling orchids to access nutrients and moisture efficiently.  The horizontal orientation of the roots can facilitate better nutrient uptake and water absorption, promoting healthy growth and blooming.

The shallow profile of these pots also promotes better ventilation and airflow around the roots, which is crucial for preventing root rot and maintaining optimal root health. Additionally, the wider base of the pot provides stability and support for orchids with sprawling growth habits or those that tend to produce multiple pseudobulbs.

A shallow orchid pot is be beneficial for accommodating orchids with shallow root systems, promoting healthy root development, and creating an optimal growing environment for these plants to thrive and produce vibrant blooms.

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