thank you for all your support

Thank you sincerely for supporting my small business. Each item in my store is meticulously handcrafted. Please appreciate that handmade pottery may exhibit imperfections, which serve as unique points of connection between you, the owner, and me, the creator.

The creation of every piece involves a delicate balance between the four fundamental elements. Earth provides the clay, Water facilitates its shaping, Air ensures a gradual and even drying process, and Fire completes the transformation. When these elements work harmoniously, a work of art is born.  When all of these elements are not in harmony, there will be imperfections everytime.  I am only human after all and I acknowledge my imperfections.  Painstaking efforts that go into creating each piece, often taking weeks of meticulous care.  Crafting pottery not only allows me to express myself but also fosters a profound connection with those who appreciate my work.  Handmade items possess a timeless power that brings a special energy to any space, transcending time and touch.

In the spirit of a Japanese proverb, each piece of handmade pottery carries a fragment of my soul, forever imbued within its very clay. It is this essence that truly defines the timeless connection between creator and creation

love to here from you