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Wayne Malleau

240215090 - hand-shaped/moulded bonsai pot

240215090 - hand-shaped/moulded bonsai pot

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hand-shaped/moulded bonsai pot / kataoshi de tsukurareta bonsai hachi (型押しで作られた盆栽鉢)

Outside Dimensions
Length ≒ 23 cm
Width ≒ 21 cm
Height ≒ 25 cm

Inside Dimensions
Length ≒ 22 cm
Width ≒ 20 cm
Height ≒ 924cm

Clay: Stoneware

Created by hand-shaping clay inside a mold.  In this method, a template or mold is used to shape the pot, resulting in a consistent size, shape, and design across multiple pieces.  While hand-shaped bonsai pots offer unique characteristics and artisanal qualities, pots made by hand-shaping In conjunction to a mold provides uniformity, and still giving that artisanal value.   But still creating cohesive bonsai displays or for those who prefer consistency in their arrangements.

Bonsai pots that are hand-shaped in combination with a mold still exhibit a variety of styles, finishes, and features to suit different bonsai trees and personal preferences. 

These pots have the same individuality and artistry as many pots I create, matching different bonsai styles, for bonsai growers.


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