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Wayne Malleau

240215102 - deep orchid pot

240215102 - deep orchid pot

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deep orchid pot / takasa yori hiroinohachi (高さより広い針)

Outside Dimensions
Diameter ≒ 12.5 cm
Height ≒ 15 cm

Inside Dimensions
Diameter ≒ 9 cm
Height ≒ 12.5 cm

Clay: Stoneware

A deep orchid pot is another specialized type of container designed to meet the specific requirements of orchid plants, particularly those with long or extensive root systems.  These pots are characterized by their tall, cylindrical shape, which provides ample vertical space for accommodating deep-rooted orchids or those with downward-growing roots.  The depth of the pot allows orchids to develop healthy root systems that can anchor the plant securely and absorb nutrients effectively.

The tall, narrow profile of deep orchid pots helps prevent overcrowding of roots and promotes better air circulation within the pot, which is essential for preventing root suffocation and maintaining optimal root health.  The increased soil volume in these pots offers more room for the roots to grow downward, facilitating root exploration and nutrient uptake.  Additionally, the vertical orientation of the pot can help orchids maintain an upright and balanced growth habit, especially for tall or climbing varieties.

Choosing a deep orchid pot can be advantageous for accommodating orchids with long root systems or those that prefer a deeper planting environment.  The design of these pots offers ample space for root growth, efficient drainage, and improved airflow, creating a conducive environment for orchids to thrive and bloom beautifully.

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