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Wayne Malleau

240306129 - cymbidium orchid pot

240306129 - cymbidium orchid pot

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cymbidium orchid pot / shinbikiumu ran no hachi (シンビキウム蘭の鉢)

Outside Dimensions
Diameter ≒ 12.5 cm
Height ≒ 20 cm

Inside Dimensions
Diameter ≒ 10 cm
Height ≒ 17 cm

Clay: Stoneware

A Cymbidium orchid pot is a specialized designed to accommodate the unique growth habits and requirements of Cymbidium orchids.  Cymbidiums, known for their large, showy flowers and long, arching stems. the right pot is essential to ensure their health, growth, and blooming potential.  

Overall, selecting a pot that meets the specific needs of your Cymbidium orchid, includes size, drainage, stability, material, and aesthetics, are all essential for promoting healthy growth, blooming, and longevity for these stunning orchids to their full potential.

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