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Wayne Malleau

240625232 - vase vessel for ikebana

240625232 - vase vessel for ikebana

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vase vessel for ikebana / Ikebana-yō no kabin-gata yōki (生け花用の花瓶型容器)



Clay: Porcelain

Glaze:  Crystalline

Vase vessels have taller and larger shapes, intended to lift flowers above table surfaces. Containers may draw the eye up into an arrangement, footed vessels also raise arrangement above “earth” level. If you want to infuse your Ikebana with a modern touch, then add a set of two or more will be perfect for you!

Ikebana vase vessels are traditionally used In the winter.

Ikebana, is the Japanese art of floral arrangement, a vase plays a crucial role in creating and presenting harmonious and balanced compositions.  Ikebana vases are intentionally crafted to complement the principles and aesthetics of ikebana, which values simplicity, asymmetry, and the use of empty space as essential elements of beauty.
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