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Wayne Malleau

240516207 - wheel thrown bonsai pot

240516207 - wheel thrown bonsai pot

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wheel thrown bonsai pot / rokuro-mawashi de tsukurareta bonsai hachi (ろくろ回しで作られた盆栽鉢)

Outside Dimensions
Diameter ≒ 24.5 cm
Height ≒ 5.75 cm

Inside Dimensions
Diameter ≒ 22.25 cm
Height ≒ 4 cm

Clay: Stoneware

Made on a pottery wheel is a classic and traditional method of pottery-making transforming clay into this pots. When making a bonsai pot on a pottery wheel, I center a ball of clay on the wheel, uses my hands as my tools to shape the clay into the desired form, and adds details such as rims, feet, and surface textures to enhance the design.

Pottery wheel-thrown bonsai pots are typically smooth, symmetrical shapes, and clean lines, which often highlight the elegance and simplicity of the pot.  Controlled motion of the wheel allows me to create pots with uniform thickness and consistent shapes, making it ideal for showcasing the beauty of bonsai trees. Additionally, the versatility of the pottery wheel enables me to experiment with various sizes, styles, and forms to suit different bonsai species and personal tastes.

Wheel thrown pottery wheel can range from minimalist and modern designs to intricately detailed and ornate styles, depending on the skill and creativity of the potter.  Wheel thrown pots offers precision and efficiency, making it a popular choice for producing a large volume of pots with consistent quality.  They are then finished with glazes or surface treatments to enhance their appearance and provide protection against moisture and wear.

Overall, bonsai pots made on a pottery wheel combine craftsmanship, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, making them a popular choice among bonsai enthusiasts and pottery collectors who appreciate the artistry and beauty of hand-thrown ceramics.

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