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Wayne Malleau

240319154 - hand-formed bonsai pots

240319154 - hand-formed bonsai pots

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hand-formed bonsai pots / tezukuri de tate-namashita bonsai hachi (手作りで手捏ねした盆栽鉢)

Outside Dimensions
Length ≒ 28 cm
Width ≒ 19.5 cm
Height ≒ 7.5 cm

Inside Dimensions
Length ≒ 26.5 cm
Width ≒ 18 cm
Height ≒ 5.5 cm

Weight ≒ 0.926 kg

A hand-formed bonsai pot is a unique and artisanal container that is shaped and crafted by hand, typically by a skilled potter or artist. Unlike mass-produced bonsai pots that are often made using molds or machines, hand-formed pots are individually sculpted, molded, or thrown on a potter's wheel, giving each pot its own distinct shape, texture, and character.
The process of creating a hand-formed bonsai pot allows for greater creativity and customization, enabling the potter to experiment with different styles, techniques, and finishes to achieve a one-of-a-kind piece. The imperfections and variations inherent in hand-formed pots add to their charm and appeal, lending a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship to your bonsai display.
Choosing a hand-formed bonsai pot not only enhances the aesthetic value of your bonsai tree but also supports the tradition of handmade craftsmanship and artistry. These pots serve as a reflection of the potter's skill and vision, creating a meaningful connection between the art of pottery-making and the art of bonsai cultivation.

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