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Wayne Malleau

240222125 - slab built bonsai pot

240222125 - slab built bonsai pot

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slab built bonsai pot / suraabu de tsumerareta bonsai hachi (スラーブで積まれた盆栽鉢)

Outside Dimensions
Length ≒ 39 cm
Width ≒ 26 cm
Height ≒ 7.5 cm

Inside Dimensions
Length ≒ 37.5 cm
Width ≒ 24.5 cm
Height ≒ 5 cm

Clay: Stoneware

A slab-built bonsai pot is a type of pottery container that is constructed by hand using flat clay slabs. In this technique, the potter cuts, shapes, and assembles individual slabs of clay to form the walls and base of the pot. The slabs are typically scored, joined, and shaped to create the desired size and shape of the pot before being allowed to dry, fired in a kiln, and finished with glazes or surface treatments.
Slab-built bonsai pots offer a unique and versatile alternative to traditional wheel-thrown or hand-formed pots. The construction method allows for greater control over the shape, size, and design of the pot, enabling the potter to create angular, rectangular, oval, or other non-conventional forms that may not be easily achieved through other pottery techniques. The flat surfaces of slab-built pots also provide a canvas for decorative elements such as textures, carvings, or relief designs.
Due to their handcrafted nature and individualized construction process, slab-built bonsai pots exhibit a rustic, organic charm that complements the natural beauty of bonsai trees. These pots may feature irregularities, asymmetry, or unique characteristics that add character and visual interest to your bonsai display. The creative possibilities offered by slab building allow potters to experiment with different designs, styles, and finishes, creating distinctive and personalized pots that enhance the overall aesthetic of your bonsai arrangement.

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