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Wayne Malleau

240215101 - circular orchid pot

240215101 - circular orchid pot

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circular orchid pot / marui hachi (円い鉢)

Outside Dimensions
Diameter ≒ 16 cm
Height ≒ 13 cm

Inside Dimensions
Diameter ≒ 12 cm
Height ≒ 10 cm

Clay: Stoneware

A circular orchid pot is a specific type of container designed to accommodate the unique needs of orchid plants, particularly those with round pseudobulbs or spreading root systems.  These pots are specially crafted to provide optimal growing conditions for orchids, including ample airflow, drainage, and space for root expansion.  The circular shape of the pot allows for even distribution of moisture and airflow around the plant, promoting healthy growth and blooming.

Circular orchid pots are typically shallower and wider than traditional pots, providing stability for orchids with top-heavy growth habits or those that tend to spread out horizontally.  The broad base of the pot helps prevent tipping over and allows room for the orchid's roots to spread out and access nutrients and moisture evenly.  The circular design also lends a modern and sleek aesthetic to the orchid display, complementing the elegance and grace of orchid blooms.

The thoughtful design features and functionality of these pots can help orchid enthusiasts cultivate healthy and vibrant plants that bloom beautifully year after year.

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