wheel thrown bonsai pot / rokuro-mawashi de tsukurareta bonsai hachi (ろくろ回しで作られた盆栽鉢)

"rokuro" (ろくろ) in Japanese specifically refers to a potter's wheel, and "mawashi" (回し) means turning or rotating.  Therefore, the term "rokuro-mawashi" (ろくろ回し) can be used to describe a bonsai pot made on a potter's wheel.

The translation for "bonsai pot made on a potter's wheel" using "rokuro-mawashi" would be:  "rokuro-mawashi de tsukurareta bonsai hachi" (ろくろ回しで作られた盆栽鉢).  This expression indicates that the bonsai pot was formed by spinning the clay on a potter's wheel.