My pottery Sale Odyssey

My pottery Sale Odyssey

Two months ago, I embarked on a journey that has been nothing short of transformative—a deep dive, dreaming, thinking, day and night..... pottery.  As I prepare for my showcase this Easter weekend, I find myself reflecting on the labor of love that has consumed me, the challenges I faced, and the incredible sense of fulfillment I've gained from this experience.

The initial days were marked by excitement and a bit of trepidation.  Pottery, with its delicate balance between art and technique, requires not just creativity but a mastery of skill and patience.  I spent countless hours hand building closer to harmony between my hands and the clay.  Each piece of clay taught me a lesson, all in the processes of creating a bonsai and orchid pot.   The intricacy of shaping, or the delicate timing of drying.  I was not just hand building clay; I was being reshaped with each piece I created.

As weeks turned into months, I found myself more in tune with the rhythm of my craft.  My dining table became an extension of me, and the clay.  During many times, the clay was a canvas for my thoughts and emotions.  I experimented with glazes and techniques, pushing the boundaries of traditional pottery.  Rebranding myself to find my voice.  This period of exploration was punctuated with moments of frustration—projects that cracked during firing, designs that did not turn out as planned—but these setbacks were valuable lessons in disguise. They taught me resilience, the ability to see potential in imperfection, and the courage to start again.

Behind every finished piece is a story of hard work, from the initial shaping to the final glazing and firing. I learned to appreciate the beauty of the process, understanding that the journey of creation is as important as the end result. This period has been one of profound personal and artistic growth, a time when I pushed my limits, challenged my abilities, and discovered new depths to my passion for pottery.

As my show approaches this weekend, excitement and anxiety bubbles within me.  It's not just about displaying my work; it's about sharing a part of my soul, a tangible representation of my journey over the last two months.  Each piece tells a story of dedication, from early experiments to the refined products that will grace Kim's nature. This showcase is not just an exhibition of pottery; it's a celebration of hard work, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of artistic expression.

Looking back, I realize the invaluable lessons I've learned. Pottery has taught me patience, the importance of a steady hand, and the courage to let my creativity flow unabated. More than that, it has shown me the beauty of transforming a simple piece of earth into something extraordinary.

This weekend, as I present my creations, I am reminded of the power of hard work and the magic of transformation.  This two-month odyssey in pottery has been a journey of self-discovery, and I am eager to see where the path will lead me next.  Maybe the nationals?

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